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Business Owner's Freedom Formula | Actionable Advice for Small Business Owners

May 6, 2019

Without a clear vision, the work that you're doing in your business might be worthless.

In Layman's terms, your vision is simply where you want to go.

Develop a vision of what you want your personal and professional life to look like in 3 years.

THEN work backwards to determine what you need to do in the next 12 weeks...

Feb 4, 2019

As the official Zig Ziglar Small Business Lawyer and a Ziglar Legacy Certified trainer, it’s no wonder that Scott Reib is known as “America’s Legal Coach.”

For the last two decades, Scott has been helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches “shatterproof” their businesses by implementing specific...

Apr 9, 2017

As an author, entrepreneur and mom, Mary Kathryn Johnson has created online success since 2003. A fall while pregnant with her second son landed her with two broken legs, her first book and her first business. Mary is now using that 13 years of roller coast family and business success to help parents uncover...