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The Home Service Business Owner Podcast

Jul 18, 2017

Courtney Foster-Donahue is an Atlanta-based four-time entrepreneur as well as a business, branding, and social media strategist who specializes in video content creation and Facebook marketing and advertising.

She helps entrepreneurs of all kinds through a variety of online programs and content, including her acclaimed her signature program, FB Everything™.

Leveraging a 20-year career as a professional stage and screen actress and singer, Courtney also synthesizes her talents and skills as a performer to help others build their brands using both strategy and storytelling.

In our fancy conversation, Courtney provides VALUE galore on the importance of taking the time to provide consistent value to your ideal customer through Facebook...and not just Facebook Ads! Organic reach is not dead; you just have to understand that Facebook is a SOCIAL platform and not a sales platform. The proof that it works? Courtney has used Facebook to scale four businesses to 6-figures. And then we dive into the importance of systems, processes and people in order to automate any business.