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The Home Service Business Owner Podcast

Sep 30, 2019

There's a lot of advice and gurus out there who help with marketing when it comes to online courses, e-commerce and coaching...but it sometimes can be hard to find real marketing advice for local businesses.

Well, I love me some local businesses, run two myself so I want to share with you my marketing DO's, marketing...

Sep 26, 2019

With more content coming at us than ever before, we are getting consumed with all of the glitz and glamour of the overnight success.

We don't ever see what it took to get there and how long they've been doing it.

Secret - There is no overnight success!

Those businesses that we are "jealous" of, didn't just happen.


Sep 23, 2019

Tim Rhode, is the co-founder of GoBundance, author of Tribe of Millionaires, and founder of nonprofit 1 Life Fully Lived. Tim co-founded GoBundance in an effort to build a quality peer-group of other successful men who could hold one another accountable to their own high standards, who chose to live life at-the-peak.

Sep 19, 2019

You can't just read about how to ride a bike and then go and do it.

Business is no different. You can't just keep consuming content without taking consistent action.

The problem is, business owners are great at making excuses.

We're afraid of failure.

We're afraid of what people think.

We're afraid of it becoming a wild...

Sep 16, 2019

Tyler, a regular BOFF listener, recently reached out with praise for the show and recommendation on what he would like to see.

He wanted to know what are some financial strategies I use and what are the most common mistakes I see.

So here we go!

In today's episode I share with you my top 3 strategies that I use along...