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The Home Service Business Owner Podcast

May 2, 2017

Barry is the co-founder of Business Solutions for Growth. A more technical thinker with a 30 plus years background in computers, Barry is the systems guy. Whether its the systems on the computers or the systems that run the business, its all about order and organization. He is a passionate researcher, able to find answers and resources to almost everything, and is a speaker on topics ranging from computers, to podcasting, to business strategies, to working with your spouse. He actively consults with clients to offer business solutions that work.

Catherine is the co-founder of Business Solutions for Growth. A more creative force, ideas and inspiration seem to just come to her. Taking a clients talent, experience, desire, and skills, and reworking it into new offerings, laying out the ground work to get a new business started or creating a path of growth and renewal is her specialty. Catherine enjoys crafting solutions that make sense to each clients unique situation.

I had a great time chatting with Barry & Catherine as they are proof that it is possible to be together 24/7 and survive! They are always having fun while making sure they are providing tremendous value. By focusing on each other's strengths, Barry & Catherine are able to build successful businesses while helping others AND maintaining their freedom.