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The Home Service Business Owner Podcast

Jun 20, 2017

Scott Anthony Barlow is the Founder of Happen to Your Career, a company that helps you stop doing work that doesn’t fit, figuring out what does and then teaching you to make it happen! He has been helping people develop their careers and businesses for over 10 years as a Human Resources Leader, Business Development Expert, and Career Coach. With over 2000 interviews worth of experience from his HR career, Scott interviews others telling their story of finding work they love on the Happen to Your Career Podcast.  Scott and his wife Alyssa have 3 children and live in Moses Lake, Washington.

In my interview with Scott, we really dig deep into his entrepreneurial journey...and it's not all sunshines and rainbows. He's proof that there is no overnight success but with persistence, determination and belief in the business, you will make it. Scott talks about the highs, lows and everything in between of his business building journey. Better yet, he now gets to help others do what they love!